Fabric Painting Fun - Flora's Art Adventures

Bella, Flora and Sage have a painting party ©CindyRippe2015
Bella and her doll, Sage, came to visit for a few days. As usual, we worked on projects and she has a great time in my "craft room" sampling things like washi tapes, paints, colored pencils and more.  Today we decided to make a blanket for Sage.  One of the easiest ways to personalize a fabric design is to use Pentel Fabric Fun Dye sticks on pre-printed cotton fabric.  The line work and shading is already on this fabric panel.  I just taped it to a foam core board and Bella used the dye sticks like crayons to fill in the design.  Of course, Flora was on hand with suggestions for colors and technique.

Close up of the fabric print - I'm sorry that I don't remember the manufacturer.

Bella really enjoys this easy project. ©CindyRippe2014
Just fill the design with color and iron to set the dyes.
I love the fact that this product is permanent when heat set (follow product instructions) but will wash out before ironed. This eliminates the worry about kids ruining their clothes with dye.  The hardest part of teaching a project like this is that it's so smooth to apply that the kids can get carried away with their scribbles. By the time it's ironed it will soften a little and become a little more translucent so the scribbles won't matter as much.

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