August Flower of the Month - Gladiola

August - Gladiola Flower of the Month - ©Cindy Rippe 2012 -
The flower of the month for August is Gladiola.  It has several meanings. I chose strength and, boy oh boy, did I ever need it!
The trials of life hit hard starting on July 29th with Mom falling in the back yard.  She's doing better now but has a long way to go for rehab.  Trying to balance life as a caregiver preparing for and completing a travel teaching job kept me stressed and tired many days. There were many beautiful moments and lots of help to get me (and the rest of the family) through!

So the Gladiola is perfect this month for:

Mom - Who needed the strength to endure the pain and to keep calm when she didn't understand.
Lee - Who did so much to help and, once again, patiently held the fort down at home while I concentrated on Mom's care.
Family & Friends - Those that stepped up and helped when they could.
My Sister and I - That just couldn't figure out how we'd make it through another minute sometimes and chose to use humor whenever possible.  We did a good job Bev!
Beauty - The gladiola flowers are so pretty they give you pause to appreciate the wonders of nature that God provides.

Little did I know that I'd be posting this at the end of the month (skidding in to home plate at the last second!) or that the bible verse I had chosen for the week she fell would also be so perfect.  I'm sure that it was in the Grand Plan though!

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me   Philippians 4:13


  1. How is your mom doing? I understand what you are going through. We live 4 hours away from my mom and dad and when we visit we can see that they are getting more frail by the day. My niece is getting married in October and I hope she can attend the wedding. Luckily the wedding is local for them.

    1. Dementia isn't easy. Some days are good, others... not so good. We never know what to expect. Trying to balance personal and business life with care-giving. I know that my sister and I are doing the best we can with Mom but there doesn't seem to be emotional or physical energy left when we get a break. Working on it though and really appreciating all the good things as they come my way. Thanks so much for asking. Sending prayers for you and yours!

  2. Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorites, I have a bracelet with the verse on it.

    1. It is a GREAT reminder, isn't it Fran? Thanks for for sharing.


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