30 Days of Gratitude - November 6th

Image resourced on Adobe Spark website as Creative Commons Licensed Image

Do you find the color changes in the Autumn leaves as interesting as I do?  We didn't have much color this year.  Oh, there were a few fabulous trees that seemed to shout their personality, but they were far a few between. The one Ginko tree, that I know of around here, turns really bright yellow.  I have a vivid memory of finding those leaves when collecting for a project in 1st grade.  They were so different and a bit exotic and mysterious to me even then.

As it turns out, the tree really is somewhat of a mystery.  They are the sole survivor of a group of trees from when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  The parts of the leaves, seeds, and bark, for medicinal use in Asian cultures has been known for thousands of years but remains a little mysterious to those of us who do not study that type of medicine.

Today I am Grateful for that Mystery and the Curiosity that led me to research the information.  I used to be known as the "Research Queen".  Maybe I will be again some day!  Follow me at Cindy Rippe - Artist on facebook to see some of my November Sketching Challenge posts.

As we struggle to make sense of things, life looks on in repose. Author Unknown

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