The Art of Gardening - Counting down to the Flower Show.

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I attend the Chicago Flower and Garden Show every year.  I'm really looking forward to the displays this year because the theme is "The Art of Gardening".  Art, Flowers, opportunities for Photography.... a perfect combination for me!  As a botanical artist I need to study flowers.

The newsletter arrived yesterday with  of a few of the displays.  The "Research Queen" side of me couldn't check it out fast enough! I made the collage above with research from the sites.

Here's an exerpt from the newsletter of the “Jardin d'impressionisme” by Reflections Water Light Stone. 

"When Monet was young he bought a piece of land that contained a small brook. He dug a pond and created what we now know as the gardens at Giverny, paying tribute to the Japanese gardens Monet loved so passionately. As you wander through “Jardin d'impressionisme” by Reflections Water Light Stone, you’ll see it the way Monet did, through all five senses. This garden is a monument to the power of nature, water and their connection, interpreting Monet’s gardens into Midwest reality."

Are you planning on attending a spring flower show near you?

 Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all. 
Stanley Horowitz

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  1. Oh Cindy, I'm envious. I wish our flower show was easier to get to instead of being in the depths of the city. Enjoy! Can't wait to see your pics. E


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