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Mom was feeling a little better so I set her up with watercolors at the hospital ©CindyRippe2014
I was thinking that the title of this post "Painting on the Go" should probably be "Painting when you're stuck in Bed" but it works for both I guess. I've spent so much time away from the studio lately that I started figuring out ways to bring a few creative tools with me.  I had my book of Peerless Water Color Sheets, a brush and one sheet of watercolor paper with me while visiting Mom at the hospital yesterday.  She started feeling better so I drew a quick vine on the paper, set her up with a paper cup, water, brush and the design.
She really enjoyed painting for a while.  Flora helped by hold the water color book and Mom thought that was pretty funny. She has "busy hands" syndrome now with her Dementia and this will help.  There are a few other things that she can do but both Flora and I are partial to this one!  I bought her a set of Crayola watercolors today (washable) that she can use at home. I wish I would have thought about bringing one of my Aquash™ Water Brushes with.  That would have been even easier for her to use.   No worries about knocking over the cup of water.

I have another kit set up for painting acrylic washes with pen and ink.  I'll show you that one later.  

Flora wants to know what is in YOUR travel art kit?

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

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