Finding Flowers - part 2 - Playing with Paint

Acrylic Wash, Pen & Ink, Daisies, Henry David Thoreau quote, Art by Cindy Rippe, Florals - Family - Faith
Finding Flowers ©CindyRippe2013 - quote by  Henry David Thoreau

As I promised in yesterday's post, Life's Canvas, this is what I ended up doing on the painted background layer.  Once the paint was dry I found areas that could be flower centers.  All I did after that was to sketch a few daisies with a fine point permanent pen. I thought it might be finished but then I decided to soften the background with a layer of translucent white. (the bright colors were a bit much for me)

I added the frame and quote with PicMonkey.  Don't you think the black frame pulls everything together? Yep, I think this one is finished.

Have you ever created a project like this?  It's a challenge sometimes to let yourself make a mess and just let the paints flow.  It's really fun to discover shapes that you can turn into a completed design though.

Delight in the beauty that surrounds you.  Author unknown

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