Daisy Centerpieces for a Baptism

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My little nephew, Cash, is 4 years old this week.  I thought it would be fun to share the quick and easy floral centerpiece project that I made for his Baptism party.  It was a picnic and the decor was casual but I still wanted it to be special for Cash and his family.  So, I took a small picture of Cash, added wings with Photoshop, and printed a whole sheet of them.  After cutting out circles of glossy blue cardstock, I layered the photos (cut just a bit smaller) on top of the cardstock with Glue Dots.
#baby picture as the daisy center, #baby boy party, #Glue Dots, #Photoshop, #easy centerpiece, #Florals-Family-Faith, #Cindy Rippe
Then I printed a Bible clip art image to reinforce the blue and white theme. After all the circles were finished I attached them to the centers of inexpensive daisy flowers with Glue Dots.  The daisies were sold as a bunch and I just popped them into the vases. Light blue twin sheets from Walmart ($4.00 each!) worked perfectly for tablecloths.
#baby picture as the daisy center, #baby boy party, #Glue Dots, #Photoshop, #easy centerpiece, #cupcake toppers, #Florals-Family-Faith, #Cindy Rippe

I used the same card stock to make the cupcake toppers.  Again, I used Glue Dots to attach the images.  This time I glued them to lollipops after trimming the excess cellophane around the candy.  So cute!  I wish my cupcakes were as tasty as they were beautiful.  I tried to be creative with the recipe and they turned out to be more like heavy brownies than light and fluffy cake.  Lesson learned!  Test and Taste before you serve dessert to a large group of people!

Let the little children come unto Me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. - Luke 18:16

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