The Idea of RED - Tulips that made me smile

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Part of a display at the Antiques and Garden Fair - photo ©CindyRippe2013
I don't usually choose bright colors for flowers in my garden, but this year the orange and red tulips have been especially hardy.  They do add a cheerful pop of color to my tulip bed and on days like today (I didn't really feel like going outside) they are easy to see from my window.

This display, at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques and Garden Fair, is a great example of how red can grab your attention.  The entire display consisted of 4 rows of columns (they looked like those cardboard tubes used for cement forms) that were painted bright red and filled with tulip plants.  The tubes formed an aisle for show attendees to travel from one tent to another.  At one end of the aisle the planters were about waist height and filled with lavender tulips. The colors graduated from the purple, through the reds and up to the orange, which were really tall. (well over my head) The effect was stunning and you couldn't help but smile as you walked through.

The display was designed and donated by artemesia - Maria Smithburg and Manfredini Landscaping and Design. 

Every person is like a single tulip.  While they may blend when together, each one is special in its own light. Daniella Kessler

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