Snowdrops in the Raindrops

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Snowdrops in the Rain at Fernwood Gardens - photo ©CindyRippe - quote  Rachel Carson
This variety of Snowdrop flowers is one of my favorites.  The area where I found it was so quiet and peaceful.  It was definitely worth braving the rain to see it.  After we got home, and I went through my photos, I made the connection of the Snowdrops in the Raindrops.  The picture brings back the calm, peaceful feeling that I felt while looking through the lens of the camera.

 God descends to earth like fresh spring rain, and at every level his grace is received differently. For some it feels like love, for others like salvation. It feels like safety and warmth at one level, like coming home at another.  Deepak Chopra, Why Is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism

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