Finding Details in the Background - Daylily Study and Botanical Illustration Class

Botanical Illustration-Daylily Study ©CindyRippe2012-13
I prepared the background images for the Botanical Illustration class that I'll be teaching next month at the Society of Decorative Painters Conference.  It's an important part of the design and helps to frame the finished Daylily Study.  It was trimmed out of the catalog image, which was a little disappointing, but that's life I guess. The class still has plenty of students that are planning to draw a daylily and they'll get a nice surprise when the background photo is included in their class supplies.  If you haven't signed up yet, check it out at; Society of Decorative Painters Conference Special.  There are still a few spaces left.

I love to take pictures of flowers and leaves that can be used for a background, a frame, or even a repeating pattern.  Even if I never do anything, other than use it for my own reference material, it becomes an important part of my body of work. It's another excuse to study the details and I guess I think there's beauty in those details.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.  Confucius

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