Art and the Garden - Chicago Botanic Garden - Antiques and Garden Fair

One of the reason I love the Antiques and Garden Fair is that the dealers combine plants and floral arrangements with their wares.  There are unusual, and sometimes really large, garden ornaments and planters.  I've seen vintage lawn furniture, cast iron fountains, statues, and even a gazebo for sale.  Several of the vendors hired professional florists to create the floral arrangements that add elegance and charm to the booth displays.

This vintage planter and cement statue, filled with hydrangeas, welcomed us to the Fine Art Collection in the Framont booth. Owner, Bruno Francois, explained that it's considered Secondary Art.  I really enjoyed viewing the combination of Vintage and Contemporary pieces in the booth.  The shop is located in Greenwich, CT and you can find more information about the gallery at ArtNet and Dealers Showcase.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  Edgar Degas

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