Thinking INSIDE the box for Spring - Happy Tulips in a Window Box at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show

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Spring Window Box of Tulips ©CindyRippe2013
It's no secret that I prefer pastel color flowers but, for some reason, at this year's Chicago Flower and Garden Show I was drawn to brighter colors.  I thought this window box, filled with red and white tulips, was just plain charming!  It's a happy way to welcome Spring while waiting for it to warm up enough to plant the box for the summer.

Show Garden number 1 was called Out-of-the-Box Floral. Designers from member clubs of The Garden Clubs of Illinois demonstrated how an "empty canvas," in this case simple wooden window boxes, could be transformed into a masterpiece. Using color, design, texture, height and fragrance the window boxes became classical, whimsical and bold works of art for the garden. source

This part of the show inspired me to consider adding window boxes to the front of our house again this year.  We haven't had them installed for over 5 years so I wonder what Lee will think of that?

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Oh how gorgeous!!! Being of Dutch heritage, tulips are another of my heart-favourites from childhood! These are so like what mama and daddy greeted each Spring! Gives me warm fuzzies to see them today. I DO hope Lee finds your idea as delightful as I do! ((Hugs))

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Von, they made me happy too!

  2. I love the houses that have window boxes. And I can especially appreciate the owners who have the time and talent to care for them so they look nice all summer long.

    1. We bought vintage metal window boxes from an elderly friend that I think will look great. They are the perfect size and style but I guess I'm worried about ruining them. This is making me take another look and make the decision to use them or get new ones. Thanks for stopping by Elaine.


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