Giant Head Planter that greeted us at the Entrance to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

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This giant planter greeted us at the entrance to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show today.  I think it's about 10 feet tall.  I take most of my pictures of "pretty" "feminine" or of the botanical "details" and landscapes.  Every year, though, I find a few funky sculptures that I just love.  This is one of them. 

I took over a thousand pictures today.  At least 700 are for my own reference (how a flower bud opens, what happens as the flower dies back, what the flower looks like from the back, how the stem emerges from the base of the leaves, etc.)  But that leaves 500 more to go through and delete or edit as finished photographs. 

The lighting in an exhibit hall isn't the best for natural color but but by changing camera settings and taking your time to focus you could leave with some great art photography.  There were several photographers there today with tripods, zoom lenses and special lighting.  That's not why I attend the show though.  I want to be inspired, absorb the beautiful sights and smells of spring and get a few ideas for my art and garden.  I keep my camera on a macro setting most of the time (for all the close ups) and switch the settings for light, apeture and focus a few times during the day.  I get lost behind the lens and click, click, click away.  I'm still using my Sony Cyber-shot with the glue dot and thumbtack shutter button (which has been upgraded with the addition of a strip of Scotch Tape.)

I have fun, relax and get lost in the beautiful sights, scents and thoughts.  It's a great part of my job as a botanical artist. 

Flowers made my spirit happy today!

 “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.”
Indian saying


  1. Well that's just...just...STARTLING!!!

    1. It was to me too, but more than that I appreciated the weirdness of it :)

  2. LOVE that statue! I know its silly but it reminds me of the Chia Pets things -- only mega-prettier! lol

    1. I forgot about the Chia pets Von! I should have gotten a picture standing next to it for scale. And I love the silliness!


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