It's What you See - Looking beyond the Pink - Tulips at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show

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Pink Tulips at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2013 - ©CindyRippe2013
As I scanned through the files of snapshots from this year's show this one stood out.  I think it's beautiful, of course, because it's a picture of tulips and they are pink.  But there's so much more.

I see abundance, joy, and happiness.  The delicate details in the vein lines and wavy edges on the petals, the lush gathering of God's gift of flowers.  I remember how I felt as I held my breath for a second as the shutter captured the moment. The fresh scent of flowers surrounding me all day and the feeling of being exactly where I was meant to be.  I think of the hours of work that went into preparing the show, growing the tulips so that they would be at their peak this week, with volunteers and tradeshow vendors all counting on the show to be a success. I think it was.

Blessings........that's what I see.          What about you?

Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.  Job 37:14 


  1. Well said Cindy, and an excellent reminder to all of us to 'look a little closer'. Love E

  2. Hello Cindy,
    I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award which you can view the requirements for acceptance on my blog. Congratulations and enjoy.


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