A Painted Shamrock Plate at the end of the Rainbow

We've spent most of the day cleaning, shopping and finally moving office furniture in the rain, and I'm exhausted.  It will be a while until I can call this room finished but I'm encouraged that we've done so much already. On our last trip across town, with the back of the car loaded for the fourth time, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  As we crossed the bridge we saw a huge rainbow and Lee made a comment about the fact that we were heading toward the Leprechaun's pot of gold.That reminded me of St. Pat's Day and I remembered this post from a few years ago. It would be simple way to add a special touch to your dinner table so I thought I'd share it once again.  Enjoy!

Previously posted on the Art in Entertaining Blog - 2010.

I decided to get creative for St Pat's Day this year.  I used a permanent pen to sketch a few shamrocks onto scrapbook paper (BOBUNNY Alissa Adorable is the pattern).  Next, I cut out a circle to fit my clear glass plates.
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Shamrock Plate - Pen & Ink on scrapbook paper and decoupaged onto a painted plate. ©CindyRippe2010 - 2013

I then used liquid starch to temporarily decoupage it to the back of the plate.  The next day I used my favorite "temporary paint" mix; DecoArt Americana Acrylics and Liquid Starch, to sponge green on the back of the plate and finish it off.  (I've used this technique many times to decorate the plates for different events instead of buying paper plates) Unfortunately, Lee wasn't home for dinner that night so I just used one of the plates to eat leftover pizza all by myself.

An Irish Blessing

May these walls be filled with laughter,

may it reach from floor to rafter.

May the roof keep out the rain,

may sunshine warm each windowpane.

And may the door be open wide

to let the Good Lord's love inside.


  1. What a clever idea, Cindy! I never knew one could do a temporary painting like that!

    1. Thanks Von, we did assorted pastels for my DIL baby shower too. By painting on the back the colors look so elegant through the clear glass. Thanks for the visit!

  2. You're so talented Cindy, just amazing. Love the plate.

    1. Thanks Elaine! I appreciate that you took the time to visit and hope that it inspires to be creative :)


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