A Peek into my Creative Process

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I found this picture in the archives today and thought you might like a peek into my creative space.  This is actually a table at an artist retreat I attended but it looks a lot like my own painting table in the studio.  (Minus the water fountain, floral arrangements, vintage turntable filled with terra cotta pots of brushes and much more.  I should probably take a picture of that space too some day.)  We spent the weekend working on our own projects and pretty much just had uninterrupted creativity time. Whenever I'm working on a design I tend to spread out in as much space as I can and end up with a sort of organized clutter.

I bought a potted hyacinth and miniature daffodil on the way to the retreat and spent time sketching different views of each.  I then created the "Daffodils in a Row" design by painting it with acrylic washes, pen and ink details and then layered on the colored pencil accents.

From left to right:
- Hyacinth and Daffodil pots in front of my water basin and behind the pencils I was using.
- My colored pencil case behind the Daffodil painting on Bristol Vellum.
- 3/4 inch Wash brush that used to paint all those tiny leaves and petals.
- Blending tools, sanding block, erasers and sharpeners
- Ott Light, acrylic paints, camera battery case behind my cd player.  (Still use this one once in a while) and loose batteries.  I go through a ton of batteries for my camera and usually use the rechargeable kind.
- on the far right is my basket of brushes and tools with my original sketches of the daffodils in front.
- Usually my camera is sitting right there since I take step by step pictures as I work..... oh! I was using it to take this picture!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Napoleon Bonaparte

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