White Castle Valentine

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Image adapted from my Art in Entertaining blog - ©CindyRippe2013
We drive past the local White Castle restaurant almost every day.  The sign is up again reminding everyone to make their reservations for Valentine's Day. We laughed the first few times we saw the sign years ago, it sounded so silly!  For fun one year I made reservations and surprised Lee with the news on Valentine's Day.  We had such a nice time that we invited both of our Moms the next year.  The staff decorates the restaurant, prints up menus and waitresses take your order.  Flowers and paper doilies on the table added to the mood.

I couldn't help making a little ketchup heart to commemorate the meal.  You know, it's not always about expensive flowers, gourmet chocolates or a fancy restaurant.  It's about letting your family know you love them and having fun.  Lee and I spend lots of time laughing at the silly things in life.  Joy and laughter make love fun!  What silly and fun things have you done to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.   Rose Franken

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