Leaf Study - Ivy

Cindy Rippe copyright 2012 - Leaf Study

Today I'm working on my class prep for teaching in Las Vegas at the Creative Painting Convention.
(my Drawing class is #409)

We'll be working with several types of leaves during this class but we will have live branches of Ivy to study and sketch. My drawing classes are for beginners and are helpful to artists that work in all mediums.  Students learn the basics of using the drawing tools, how to create shapes that have dimension with shading and highlights and will sketch from live botanical specimens.  They have the option of finishing their own original sketch or may work from my pattern. 

Don't you just love this lush bed of Ivy?  I had this photo saved in my "backgrounds" folder but found it to be perfect for studying the color variations and details of the leaves. As long as I've been taking photos of plants and flowers I've enjoyed capturing the mass planting of one type of flower or plant.  Then I take about a zillion pictures of the details; the back the front, how the light shines through, variations of color, etc. Then there are the artistic shots, suitable for framing and printing.  The list goes on...  I do get lost in the moment behind the lens.  Do you?

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

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