Holding Hands - Staying Strong in the Journey

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Bev, Mom and I holding hands ©CindyRippe2014
Haven't been blogging much lately.  Mom is on hospice.  Each day is a new adventure.  It's been a very long journey.  Not often easy.  We don't have much help but we are lucky we don't have to struggle alone.  The help we DO have is good and very much appreciated for sure.  On those days that we wonder just how much longer we can stand it somehow we pull it together and make it through another day.  She has declined so rapidly the last few weeks that we aren't sure how much longer she'll be with us.  We've talked about her faith and I'm sure I'll see her again some day.  But I will miss her.

She's been very loving and appreciates all the help we give her now.  It wasn't like that most of her illness. She now holds our hands, gives us a kiss and says "I love you" or "Thank You". I think of it as a gift from God.  He knows we are tired and need to have loving memories to carry in our heart after the struggle ends.  We are all ready.  Dad is waiting for her too.

I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. - Psalms 16


  1. Cindy, I read what you are writing, and I know someday that I will be in that situation. Both my parents are still alive; although I see them declining and getting frail with every visit. I hope that the rest of your time with your mom are good memories.



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