Mystery Painting with Bella - Halloween project for children

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Painting with watercolor over crayons with Bella - ©CindyRippe2013
Bella came for a visit last weekend and loves the new "crafting room".   The studio has two desks. One is for computer and paperwork and the other for painting, drawing and other creative endeavors.  When she walked in she was thrilled that "we both have a painting table now!"  My sentiments exactly, Bella. 

We painted several pumpkins and spiders, cut them out and taped them all over the house with Washi Tape.  Then while she was busy decorating the windows I quickly drew a few ghosts with white crayons on bright white bristol board.  (a little heavier than card stock)  The whites were a  perfect match and you could hardly see the ghosts.  Then I drew a few stars and the moon in yellow.  When she came back in to the studio we mixed up some Cobalt Blue watercolor paint and I suggested she color in the night sky. (I covered the ghosts a little so she wouldn't notice them right away).  As soon as the loaded brush went across the page she saw the ghosts!  She had so much fun filling the page and revealing the rest of the hidden picture.  We blotted extra paint off of the wax as she worked.

NOTE:  We used my professional watercolors to make this but there are child friendly, (less chance of staining), products out there.  We work on a silicone mat and Bella wears her painting shirt to avoid messes. 

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”Pablo Picasso

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