Searching for Bird Songs - a Gentle Lesson in Patience

Patiently waiting, gentle lessons for our grand-daughter, birds singing, trees, Florals-Family-Faith, Cindy Rippe
Searching for the bird song with Papa ©CindyRippe2013
My husband is most patient man I know.  The other day when we stopped, on our way to pick cherries, Bella heard some really pretty bird songs.  Lee took the time to show her how to quietly, and patiently, find them.  They both stood still as they looked and it was like they were the only two people in the world at that moment, even though we were at a busy rest stop with many other travelers.  The two of them stayed there long enough to finally see the birds and shared their joy in the discovery with me. This is one of the lessons that I hope will be a part of who she becomes as she grows up.

Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds, singing. Author Unknown

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