A Week of Words - Day Two - Believe

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Believe - Tulips - ©CindyRippe2013
It takes a lot of inner strength to BELIEVE that your ideas will work when you try something new.  As I develop my new business plan it might be easy for self doubt to creep in.  The tulips remind me that I have to BELIEVE and it will be successful!  They amaze me each spring as they spring forth with lovely flowers.  After the flowers fade the leaves feed the bulbs, and die back, leaving the brown bulb to rest until the next year.  If you look at the bulb by itself it's hard to imagine all the work that's going on deep within.  It takes imagination and patience to BELIEVE that you'll see a beautiful flower next spring.

The word BELIEVE has the same meaning as : be certain of, have faith in, have no doubt, and trust.  Do you  have the determination and faith to believe in your own upcoming plans?

... Do not fear, only believe. Mark 5:36

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