With all my Heart

White-Bleeding-Hearts, Vincent Van Gogh quote, Buddha Quote, Working towards a goal, White flowers, Florals-Family-Faith, Cindy Rippe
White Bleeding Heart Flowers in my Garden - quote by Vincent van Gogh - photo ©CindyRippe2013
I'm still working toward my Design goals.  Some days I can't seem to focus (or maybe choose not to focus) and my interests wander all over the place.  The bottom line, though, is that I am "all in".  I have no intention on giving up on my goals, sharing my vision with others, and working in a field that I love.  Even the little snapshots that I take for this blog bring me joy and I hope inspire others to find beauty and happiness in their own lives.  When I look back over the weeks that have passed I can see progress and feel blessed to have the opportunities that lie ahead.

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.  Buddha

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