Goodbye for Now my Tulip friends

Goodbye Tulips - See you next Spring! ©CindyRippe2013
The perennial bed in the center of my yard is filled with flowers from early Spring through Autumn.  It started out as a Tulip bed many years ago.  An 8 foot oval dug quickly the last day of November one year when my Mom announced she had purchased two sets of those mail order Tulip collections.  She had forgotten about them and gave them to me.  The new bed was dug, the bulbs planted and covered, and the snow that fell the next day covered it snugly until Spring.  Over the years the size of the bed has grown, I've added a variety of perennials (and a few annuals each year), but I still keep calling it "The Tulip Bed".

This time of year in that part of the garden is difficult for me.  The tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus have finished blooming.  The leaves need to grow for a while to feed the bulbs for next year's blooms and it's not so pretty.  The Irises peek out between the dying leaves and the oriental lilies reach for the sky.  It's messy.

There are always a few late blooming tulips that seem to hang on as long as they can.  This year they are pink. It's hard to say goodbye but I'm grateful for those 5 tulips today.  They remind me that the messy stage is worth waiting for.  I'll see the early Spring flowers again next year.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part but the hope to see you soon makes it better. Ritu Ghatourey 

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