Good Days, Rough Edges and Ice Cream

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Blue Anemone - Fernwood Gardens - Rough Edges and a Good Day - ©CindyRippe2013
These anemones looked a little worse for the wear at Fernwood Gardens last month but I fell in love with the blue color. As I snapped the photo I thought I'd never use it for anything other than reference material.  I guess I was wrong!  It's a perfect representation of my day today.

You know how it is... busy, strange and blessed all mixed together.  You can't wait to go to bed and think "Whew!  I made it!".  As I juggled several home projects and care-giving issues, the ants (that I have to work hard at keeping under control around our back door and deck) decided it was time to move.  Did you know they swarm after mating?  (I checked and they are just common house ants - not termites - thank goodness but they are still kind of creepy!)  Apparently they are sick of the vinegar, cinnamon, and other natural deterrents I keep spraying, and decided to find a new home.  Yeah for me!

I had several really good moments today though.  The weather was beautiful so I took Mom to the walking park. I was able to dry washed fabrics outdoors (far away from the ants - lol), had a nice visit with my TOPS friends, wandered through the garden center while waiting for my sister, got a much needed hug (for both of us) from my husband and we capped off the day with a treat of ice cream.  I tried to give up ice cream in order to lose weight but I only succeeded in eating way less than I used to .  (Moderation - that's the excuse I'm using) Yep, I'm exhausted, had a few setbacks, feel a little sad that I can't help someone I love, and still haven't finished half of the jobs I wanted to do today but, I am happy and feel blessed tonight. A little rough around the edges but a GOOD DAY after all!

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.  II Tim. 1:7

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