Decisions, Decisions - Having fun selecting fabrics!

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Fabric Swatches from JoAnns  - Cindy Rippe 2013
Making the decision to move my office space home was easy.  Deciding to paint the room blue and put down a new wood floor was easy for me since Lee did most of the work.  (His choice to do that - my choice of materials - Thanks Sweetie) Today I took a trip to Joann's to select a piece of fabric for simple curtains. ....Not so easy....but kind of fun!

As a person who loves a neutral background in my home, lately I've had this little voice in my head whispering, "you really do like color and pattern" and "don't you love all these bright, pretty colors?".
What the heck?!?  I live in a very tiny house and when we finally went with a neutral or monotone color schemes the rooms seemed bigger.  We've been happy with things this way for a while.

So I sit here this evening trying to decide which fabric color and print I'll choose.  The fabric on the bottom left is actually brighter with a light cream background. (camera phone pic) The one on the top left is the first one I selected. Once I brought the swatch home realized it was the old me trying to sneak back in so that one is off the list.  All of the fabrics are a bargain price so that doesn't factor in. The one thing I know for sure us that at least this is a fun choice to make.

Which one do you think I'll chose?

Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.  Jimmy Buffett


  1. Oh dear Cindy, decisions decisions! Beware the Magic Geranium syndrome (first the curtains...then the mouse for your laptop...) So glad you're having fun! Can't wait to see a pic of the finished room. E

    1. Elaine, I've never heard of that story before and the "research queen" inside sent me for an internet search.. SO TRUE! Most of the time I blame myself thinking that all of these little things are procrastination. (Well, I guess they are that too) It sure is easy to get caught up in a project and adding "just one more" job or tweek to the project. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving my post the floral inspiration it needed today. :)


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