Chicago Peace Rose surprise and Spring Catalog dreams

My 2013 Spring Garden Catalogs and a Chicago Peace Rose - collage ©CindyRippe2013
It's my favorite time of year for mail.  The Spring Garden Catalogs have been arriving every day!  I'm saving them for a time when I can sit back with a cup of tea and dream about the garden.  You know how it spend time drawing circles around your favorites, studying the growing conditions, the amount of space needed to grow the perfect plant and,finally, the price.  Can you afford your dream this year?  Reality usually sets in about the time I add up my wish list but by then I'm inspired with all the beautiful possibilities. There's so much to learn too!

This year's mail brought a special surprise. In one of the envelopes there was a gift certificate from my dear friend Lauri! She ordered a Chicago Peace Rose for my birthday.  Oh my gosh!  According to the picture it's a beauty!  Pink (yeah) with a golden center.  The flowers change colors with shades of pink and golden yellow as it grows.  (Fingers crossed here) I hope the tree trimming we did a few weeks ago allows for enough sun. Now I'm looking forward to another mail delivery.  The rose will be delivered when it's time to plant it. Thank you my friend!

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.   Leo Buscaglia

Note: Individual photos sourced from catalog web sites as follows:
Jackson and Perkins     Breck's Nursery    Spring Hill Nursery  Schreiner's Gardens   Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  My Chicago Peace Rose is from Edmunds' Roses

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  1. oh my word that is one gorgeous gorgeous rose! What a blessing to receive a gift that will continue year after year too. That's so sweet, Cindy! I look forward to hearing more about it when the time comes!


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