Anticipating Goodness

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Anticipating Goodness - Flowering Pussy Willow Branches - ©CindyRippe2013
It's been one of those days.  The time went speeding by as we tried to get a few things accomplished around here.  I should emphasize the word "TRY".  It seems like everything we want to do takes so much longer than we anticipate and we end up feeling like we failed.  Well, instead of thinking that way I've decided to look at what we did get done.  NOT what we didn't.  As long as I try to do my best I'm not going to dwell on the negative.  Just make a plan to try again tomorrow.

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Psalm 27:13


  1. Words to live by Cindy (tho it's always easier said than done eh? LOL). E

  2. Call me a Pollyanna, but that's always been my motto, Cindy. Yes, I look at the failures and what I may learn from them each day so that even then they become a success for the learning. And then I take all of those successes and wrap them into my heart and keep them there for warm fuzzies. :-)

  3. Love your comments, Thanks Elaine and Von. "then I take all of those successes and wrap them into my heart" you're a poet Von!


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