Elegance and Flowers

©CindyRippe2013 - Elegance and Flowers - Bedding at the 2012 Chicago Flower Show
It was one of those "down" days yesterday.  When you don't feel well it's so tempting to just crawl in bed for the day.  Instead of giving in completely, I rested often while getting little jobs accomplished.  This is a photo I took of a display at the 2012 Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Yes, it's "over the top" and unrealistic for most of us but it was a great way for the company, Boutique Home, to showcase their elegant bedding and drapery.

I wasn't able to climb into a bed this elegant but I was able to add the things that comfort me when I'm down.   Tea, Pillows, Sketching in my devotional book, Girly Bling and Flowers.....it's always about the flowers for me. 

Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.  Mark 6:31 

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