A Single Day - The Last Days of Summer and Morning Glories

Heavenly Blues - Color Study - ©Cindy Rippe 2012

I'm working on a Mixed Media Color Study.   I knew right away I'd be painting flowers and since the Morning Glory is September's Birth Flower that was my obvious choice. (for more about the Color Study see the notes at the end of this post)

I started thinking about the Morning Glory and how it lives and shares it's beauty for only one day.  There are new flowers each day.  As each flower blooms they are pollinated by happy bees that are attracted by it's beauty and become drunk with the sweet nectar.  There is beauty and joy for those who are lucky enough to see them. The twirly, swirly vines reach for the sun and grasp for a strong hold against the winds.  The lush leaves provide shade and shelter from the heat of the sun. After the joy and fleeting beauty each flower shrivels up and the task of creating seeds for next year begins. 

September days are like that.  The last days of summer beauty and time to prepare for new and exciting things ahead.  We treasure each beautiful day a little more than usual because we know that it won't last much longer.  It's a time to look forward to something new and plan for the next task. We are also reaching and grasping for ways to prepare for these upcoming events by surrounding ourselves with faith, knowledge, and the support of friends and family. Then we get down to business and work hard to allow our project to finally bloom.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  Proverbs 16:3 NIV

NOTES: This "Heavenly Blues" design is part a series of small paintings using a variety of painting, stamping and decoupage techniques that I'm doing to get my creativity back. I painted it on a color  swatch card from Dutch Boy. I spotted it at the hardware store right after I accepted a design challenge for Kelly Hoernig's Art Amusement facebook group. The theme for this week is "squares" so this collection of colorful hues was the perfect surface.

Hanging out at Fabulously Creative Friday with Jennifer Rizzo.  Hop on over to see more creative ideas! 

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