June Flower of the Month - Rose

Planter in my garden - ©Cindy Rippe - 2012

The flower for the month of June is the Rose.  Love and Beauty are the most common meanings for the Rose.  The specific meanings vary according to color if you want to send a hidden message like they did in Victorian times according to the Language of Flowers.

My grandmother "Grammy" became an expert at growing hybrid varieties that seemed so exotic to me as a child.  She put things like fish heads (eeeww!), egg shells, and coffee grounds in the ground around each plant.  The combination created the perfect soil I guess because the flowers were beautiful. Today you can grow low maintenance varieties like the yellow "KnockOut" brand I planted at Mom's. They bloom from May through November without much work or the need to add fish heads :)  I hope you take some time to enjoy the delicate beauty of your favorite color and variety and share the love with your friends and family.

Flowers are Love's truest language. Park Benjamin

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