Sweet Pea for April's Flower of the Month

The flower of the month for April is Sweet Pea or Daisy.  I chose the sweet pea for my daily devotional sketch today.   In the Victorian Language of Flowers the sweet pea represents shyness or blissful pleasure.  The latin name, "Lathyrus odoratus" means 'pea' and 'fragrant'.
Sweet Pea Mixed Media - Cindy Rippe 2012
I remember my Grandfather, Faw-Faw, proudly showing me his sweet pea vine, years ago, when I was able to visit in the spring. My favorite color was always pink but I know there are many colors available now.  I remember they smelled so sweet! Each flower didn't last very long but we enjoyed them every morning.

Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.  ~Heinrich Heine

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  1. Beautiful post. I love how you put the sweet pea on the book pages, so pretty. Carlsbad flower fields has a sweet pea maze to walk through, so pretty and sweet smelling!

  2. Lovely!!! And extra points for using Latin in a post! :) Beautiful!


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