A Profusion of Pink in the Garden

Tulips at the Morton Arboretum April 2012 - CRippe
I was hoping to see a few late blooming Spring flowers on my trip to the Morton Arboretum yesterday.  At first I thought I was too late then as I rounded the corner behind a building there was a profusion of pink.  The late blooming tulips waited for me! And in my favorite color no less.  We did see one large planting of red tulips, and several little stragglers in other colors during our visit, but this was by far the best show.  Each tulip was at least two feet tall and there were hundreds of them.  Each more pink than the last.  There were two tulips on the very end that decided they wanted to be different and they bloomed with more red.  They were also spectacular and made me smile at their independent streak.

“The very pink of perfection.”  Oliver Goldsmith

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