Traveling Hyacinths

Every year I start growing flowering bulbs in January. I'm impatient for Spring and new life in the New Year.  Back in the days when I had more time I'd actually buy them in the fall, store them in the fridge and stagger the growing times for continued flowers. ..........("back in the day!" yes, there where a few years there when I had more time).  Not anymore. I buy them already planted in pots and when they first peek out from the dirt.  I enjoy all the stages of growth.

Cindy Rippe White Hyacinth January 2012

For the last 11 years most of the flowers have been growing in my studio.  Since I would spend so much time up there it was perfect!  Well, now that I'm one of Mom's caregivers, it's better to stay downstairs with her most of the day.  I run up for a few minutes at a time when I'm on duty and several hours (or all day once in a while!) on days when she goes out with my sister.

My flowers have always traveled around my house or studio.  I move them from room to room depending how long I'll be there. But this year they really travel!  Downstairs with Mom they are in the living room and kitchen most of the time. It's not unusual for them to be moved 3 times a day.

Today I thought you'd like to see them where they normally live in my studio.
Cindy Rippe - Left side of the Writing Desk.
Next to the vintage step stool, dictionaries, silk geraniums and a few special gifts.
Cindy Rippe - Right side of Writing desk.

Of course, this is not always so neat, I try though! Sometimes I spend more time decorating or organizing my studio than I do creating art.  The computer desk (next to this one) has a nice mountain of papers waiting for me work on and I have a huge mess in the middle of the studio after working on several Mixed Media designs at one time. I mean huge!
Cindy Rippe -Hyacinth on my desk.

When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.  ~Betty Bender

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