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Orchid Show 2014, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Flora's Friday Art Adventures, Cindy Rippe, Drawing, Art Mannequin
Flora gets up close to check out the details of the orchids.©CindyRippe2014
Today I took Flora with me to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  It's the last weekend of their Orchid Show and I didn't want to miss it.  There were thousands and thousands of flowers and even though the March winds were chilly today,it was nice and warm inside the greenhouses.  Flora and I want to thank Amy Litner for helping us get up close to the flowers and take this picture.

Chicago Botanic Garden, Orchid Show 2014, Flora's Art Adventures on Fridays,, ┬ęCindyRippe
Relaxing by  the greenhouse where it was nice and warm. ©CindyRippe2014
Actually this is just one of my 15 minute sketches.  When you sketch a flower it makes you look closer at the details and you learn more about the plant. Why don't you try making a few sketches?  They aren't meant to be a perfect, finished, drawing.   Just a way to "see" the shapes that make up an object.  No pressure, just fun!

Great art picks up where nature ends. Marc Chagall

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