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Flora tries to help out with my book sale - Flora's Art Adventures - ©CindyRippe2014

This week I've been moving more art supplies from the big studio to my home studio. Part of the process is downsizing.  Sorting through what I have left. I've donated the basic supplies to schools, churches and decorative painting books in the past.  Found that I was not wanting to part with anything... these are treasures to me!

After realizing that I haven't done anything with the books for a ling time I decided to start selling them.  Flora agrees with me on both counts.  They are wonderful tools to learn by and I don't have the room for them now!

Please help us out and visit my ongoing sales on facebook.  I'll be posting them in "destashing" groups and will let you know when each group is listed on my Cindy Rippe - Artist facebook page.  To make sure you don't miss any of the the bargains (there will be much more than just books eventually) CLICK LIKE on my page

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