Vintage Blue Santa Board

Victorian Santa with Blue Coat, Pipka painting pattern, Decorative Painted Santa, Cindy Rippe, Florals, Family, Faith
Victorian Style Santa painted in early 1990s by Cindy Rippe
This Santa has been a part of our Christmas decor for over 20 years now. It was one of the early decorative painting projects that I painted from a design by Pipka Ulvilden (I think).  As a member of Illinois Prairie Painters and the Society of Decorative Painters I had the opportunity to take many classes and meet artists from around the world.  This was one of my favorite classes.  It stands almost 3 feet tall and I love his blue coat.  The memories of when he was painted, and having him as part of our Christmas decor each year, warms my heart.

Do you have a favorite Christmas project that has become a treasured part of the decorating traditions at your house?

Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree.  Charlotte Carpenter

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