What are you Grateful for Today?

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"Working" in the Garden today - ©CindyRippe2013
Working in the Garden had a different meaning for me today.  I sat on the deck sorting paperwork for a few hours and this was my view.  It's a portion of my "Tulip Bed".  It's actually a perennial bed now and blooms from spring though late fall, ever changing, and always interesting.  I'm really glad that Mom ordered way too many tulips one year and I dug up a portion of the grass right before the first snow.  Back in those days Lee didn't believe in planting flowers in the middle of the yard but it was the only place I knew that there would be enough sun.  The plan was to get them planted before he got home from work and then if he was really unhappy I would move them after they bloomed in the Spring.  He teased me a bit at the time but we have both enjoyed the flowers year after year.

So today, I'm grateful for that garden, the lovely weather and the opportunity to work in these beautiful surroundings.  What are you grateful for?

This is the Day that the LORD has Made; Let us REJOICE and Be Glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

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