Happy Blue Mixed Media and the Morning Glory Vine that ate a birdhouse

Mixed Media, Paint Chip Art, Acrylic painting, colored pencil, collage, stamping with acrylics, Blue Heaven morning glory, butterflies, blue feather, Florals, Family, Faith, Cindy Rippe
"Blue Heaven" because blue can be happy too!  Mixed Media Art on Paint Chip Card ©CindyRippe2013
As I searched through my files this morning I found this piece that I created for one of the artAmusement challenges on facebook.  I had this paint sample card in my color files and used it as the background to paint the morning glory flowers.  After it dried I added a little bit of detail with colored pencils, a blue scrapbook embellishment butterfly and feathers from my "little pieces of nature" box, the quote (cut from a magazine long ago) and one final little white butterfly stamped in the corner with acrylic paint.

I've had some beautiful and interesting experiences with growing Morning Glories over the years.  There was one year that the plant grew so tall that it reached for the telephone line that hangs across the back of my yard.  There was a 2 foot tall birdhouse at the top of the pole (about 9 ft high) that the vine was climbing.  The vine wrapped it's way up the pole, past the birdhouse and attached to the phone line.  There were about a million flowers up there and one morning they ate the birdhouse!  It detached from the pole, was being held up inside the vine, and hanging from the wire above.  This all took just a few days!  It seemed like we noticed that the vine needed to be cut back mid-week and planned to trim it on the weekend.  That photo ended up in a Birds and Bloom calendar but they didn't print the back story about the "Vine that ate a Birdhouse".  I'll have to find that photo and post it here someday. 

Blue is a close second to my favorite color, pink, and morning glories can't help but make you feel happy.  They seem to smile at the sun each morning and the yellow glow in the center of each one reminds us that being happy comes from inside.  A lesson I needed today and I hope that inspires you to be happy too.

A man finds joy in giving an apt reply - and how good is a timely word! Proverbs 15:23


  1. I love your mixed media. The morning glories are wonderful and make me think about my spring flowers. Can't wait to see the snow drops appear,
    then I know spring is really here to stay.

    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium


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