Nature Study at the Morton Arboretum

Kelly Hoernig - Taking photos of rare and beautiful butterflies.
I surprised my friend, Kelly, with a visit to the Special Collections department of the Morton Arboretum Library.  She is a self proclaimed "Butterfly lover" and her popular artwork proves it!

We are kindred spirits as creative souls.  Both have fallen deeply under the spell of nature and the beauty that surrounds us.  We are researchers at heart with a never ending need to learn more about art, nature, business, and so much more (too much more I think).  We bounce ideas off of each other at the speed of light and are probably the only people in the world that "get" each other that way.

Kelly and I have both studied botanical and nature art at the Morton Arboretum but have never taken advantage of the library and special collections.  She's done so much to support my creative and emotional spirit over the years that I was really happy to suggest this visit.

After Arlene allowed us to carefully view these rare specimens (from the 1800's) she told us that there were about 500 more in their collection.  We also toured the extensive collection of rare botanical books on display as well as the lending library. I was more excited about the botanicals than the bugs but still enjoyed the colors and story about the collection.

With our next "creativity day" set to spend time researching and sketching in the library we both left the arboretum totally inspired with the ideas bouncing around as usual!

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.  Luke 6:31


  1. What a wonderful treat for both of you! Excellent idea Cindy!

  2. Yes, Linda, we had a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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