Spring's Glorious Gifts in Fast Forward

Pink Magnolia - Cindy Rippe March 18, 2012

Less than two weeks ago I took pictures of the tips of the daffodil leaves peeking out from the soil. I cut the pussy willow branches and raked the leaf mulch off of the tulip plants.  I was so excited for Spring to finally arrive and looking forward to the blooms and riot of color !

The next day, seemingly out of nowhere, the first crocus plants bloomed. From that morning on it's been like watching a time-lapse film on fast forward!  Everything from daffodils to forsythia and even this glorious pink Magnolia tree have already bloomed.  I was photographing the buds of this same tree 4 days ago!
Pink Magnolia - Cindy Rippe March 14, 2012

As anxious as I was about the blooms of Spring now I'm worried that this 80 degree weather will make them disappear just as fast as they arrived.  I look through the pictures from the last two weeks and remember my Grandmother saying;

"Be careful what you wish for!"  Grammy

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